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  • This is an online communication platform for exclusive use of members of EUROSTUDENT III.
  • Its purpose is to provide an arena, in which contributions from members can lead to improvements in the execution and relevance of the EUROSTUDENT survey.
  • As with any wiki-website (e.g. Wikipedia) any registered member is free to add comments and make suggestions through the edit, save and talk (discussion) functions.
  • HIS, as central coordinator of EUROSTUDENT, will remain central administrator and editor of this site. If revisions of members' edits seem necessary, HIS will contact the members directly before making any changes.

Password and Log-Ins

  • All members of the EUROSTUDENT network may use their password and log-in for the Data Delivery Module


  • Results of second round of ReviewQ are available on this website: See ReviewQ

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